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Depressor supercilii

The depressor supercilii (Latin: musculus depressor supercilii) is a facial muscle located in the eye region between both eyebrows and orbits. Many anatomical specialists consider this muscle to be a part of the orbicularis oculi muscle, instead of being a separate muscle. The depressor supercilii muscle is classified as the orbital facial muscle.

Depressor supercilii
Origin Medial part of orbital rim, fascia covering lower part of nasal bone
InsertionSkin below eyebrow and intercanthal region, medial side of orbit
ActionDepresses eyebrow
InnervationTemporal branch of facial nerve (CN VII)
Blood supply Branches of facial artery
Depressor supercilii muscle, Facial muscles, Muscles of facial expression, Head muscles
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The depressor supercilii muscle originates from the lateral aspect of the nasal bridge - medial part of the orbital rim and fascia covering the lower part of the nasal bone.



The depressor supercilii inserts on the medial side of the bony orbit in the skin below the eyebrow and intercanthal region.

Depressor supercilii muscle with origin and insertion
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The main action provided by the depressor supercilii muscle is the depression of the eyebrow.

Glabellar region muscles action with human face, Depressor supercilii, Action of depressor supercilii, Eyebrow depression
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The depressor supercilii muscle is innervated by the temporal branch of the facial nerve (CN VII).


Blood supply

The depressor supercilii is primarily supplied by the branches of the facial artery.