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How to Learn Anatomy Fast: 7 Techniques and Strategies for Success

This blog discovers 7 strategies to accelerate anatomy learning and master the subject with ease.
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Understanding Human anatomy: What is it? Types of anatomy, and how to learn anatomy better?

On Human anatomy, the types of human anatomy, what organ systems and what organs make up the human body, and - how to better learn anatomy.
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5 Everyday Actions That Wreck Your Spine

This blog discovers which daily routines could harm the spine and provides actionable steps to break the cycle and have a healthier back.
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Digital Cadavers and Virtual Labs: a Futuristic Approach to Anatomy Learning

In this blog, we explore the realm of virtual and remote anatomy studies, providing comprehensive insights to enhance your understanding.
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How AI is Transforming Medicine

In this blog, we explore the transformative impact of AI in medicine and the challenges and promises it holds for the future.
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How to use to study the cranial nerves

One of the most challenging topics when learning anatomy are the cranial nerves. All of these nerves have a specific function and they are in charge of many of the sensory and motor responsibilities of the human nervous system. This topic is even more difficult in medical school because there is little time to absorb all the information. In this article I will be discussing how to study the cranial nerves using
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The Male G-spot (P-spot)

Everybody has heard about the female G-spot. But what about men? Do men have a G-spot as well? The answer, unsurprisingly, is yes – the prostate. However, in contrast to the female G-spot, which may be challenging to find and with many researchers even being skeptical of its anatomical existence, there is no doubt that the prostate exists.
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Case study: x UMICH

In 2020, started a collaboration with the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, the leading dental school in the United States, to help them solve multiple teaching and learning challenges. Now, after approval from the School curricular committee, is fully integrated into the dental anatomy course permanently. The students’ assessment results show that it’s a good idea.
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7 ways to learn anatomy better

Our chief medical officer Reinis Jansons shares seven excellent resources to help you learn anatomy better. This blog will introduce you to some useful online databases, video libraries, and a couple of truly excellent books.
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In this blog, we've summed up our team's wins over the past month – the main one is the joining of and! But we've also updated our 3D models, quizzes, articles, and blogs.
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The Female G-spot

What exactly is the mysterious G-spot? In this article, we will first explain what the female G-spot is and then explore the scientific debate around the G-spot. We will also look at the anatomy of the female reproductive system to identify its exact location. Finally, we will briefly mention other erogenous zones in the female reproductive system called the A-spot and the O-spot.
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Gross anatomy: systemic anatomy vs regional anatomy

There are two main types of anatomy – microscopic anatomy, which studies tiny anatomical structures such as tissues and cells, and gross anatomy (sometimes also called macroscopic anatomy), which studies larger structures such as bodily organs. In this article, we will focus on gross anatomy with its different fields and explain the difference between systemic anatomy vs regional anatomy.
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How To Study Anatomy: A Guide | Anatomy Next

A vast amount of anatomical information has to be learned and remembered in order to master human anatomy. In this article, learn about methods and techniques you can implement to understand and remember anatomical information.
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How To Study Anatomy: Memory Palace

In depth dive in the tecnique of "memory palace" for better retention of anatomical information. Learn how to "build" your "memory palace" with the necessary information.
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Pandemic-era learning: Anatomy Next launches

Anatomy Next, a digital health startup focused on medical education, is launching, an online digital anatomy training platform – catering to medical students, students in the health professions, and medical educational institutions.
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Anatomy Next Presents Tools with Microsoft for Mixed Reality Devices at Bett

You might recognise Riga and Seattle based Latvian startup Anatomy Next from the DFF x 500 Startups Pitch Competition finals on the main stage at the Digital Freedom Festival 2017, or have seen them listed as a ‘startup to watch’, but this health tech company has definitely become a success story!
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