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  • Elevate Learning

    Elevate Learning

    Offer your audience the pinnacle of anatomy education. With, you’re not just sharing an app; you’re endorsing a visually immersive and expertly crafted learning experience.
  • Effortless Earnings

    Effortless Earnings

    Jumpstart your earnings with ease. Simply sign up, spread the word, and let us manage the rest. Every recommendation brings rewards your way.
  • Always Ahead

    Always Ahead

    Stay ahead of the curve. By partnering with, you align with innovation and commitment, ensuring your audience always has access to the forefront of medical education.
  • Inspire & Empower

    Inspire & Empower is more than a tool—it’s a transformative shift in learning anatomy. By becoming an affiliate, you’re joining a mission, inspiring learners, and catalyzing change in the educational landscape.

Affiliate marketing at is a dynamic partnership. As an affiliate, you become our advocate, earning commissions for every customer you introduce to our world-class anatomical content and resources. We handle all the backend details — you simply share and earn. It’s a professional, hassle-free way to benefit from the content you love.

We do affiliate marketing because it’s a powerful way to extend our reach and share’s comprehensive learning tools with a wider audience. By partnering with passionate individuals who believe in our product, we can inspire more learners and professionals to enhance their anatomical knowledge. It’s a win-win: our affiliates earn by promoting a product they trust, and we grow our community of dedicated users.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive custom links and promotional materials to share across your platforms. When someone subscribes or makes a purchase via your links, you earn a commission. We manage everything else—product development, customer service, and updates—so you can focus on sharing and earning.

After filling out the from, we evaltue your information. And if everything seems good, we will send you a personalized link, a document and assets to use for your website or other platform.

Fill out the form at the top of this page and make sure the information you’ve entered is correct and truthful. We want to make sure that the links and assets get sent to a member of the our community.

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