Frequently asked questions is an online anatomy education platform consisting of a great variety of interactive tutorials (articles). The articles in the platform are designed to gradually explain different anatomical concepts (similar to the beloved Powerpoint presentations). Each slide of an article consists of a 3D model with annotation call-outs and a textual information describing the structures seen on the 3D model.

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Yes! All of the 3D models, as well as the platform itself, has been created by Anatomy Next Inc.

You can contact us any time by using the email adress Feel free to ask any questions and let us know if you're having any problems - we will try to do our best to answer any questions and solve any of Your problems as soon as possible.

Yes, absolutely. The application is purely web-based, meaning - no downloads, no app-stores. Open from any of Your devices and use it anywhere, anyime. As simple as that. We believe, however, that the best possible experience of can be achieved from computers and tablets.

It sure can. Furthermore, we also offer a customized versions of this platform for universities / colleges or any other institutions finding this app useful. Contact us by using our email and we will guide You through the process of implementing anatomy app into the course.

Oh! That's a good question. The developement of our 3D models is a complex process. What we can tell - we do base our 3D models on radiological exams (CT's, CTA's, MRI'S) and we have a great multi-disciplinary team consisting of medical professionals, 3D Artists, designers who work hard every day to provide You with these beautiful and reliable visualizations.