Multidisciplinary team

Our team of medical professionals, 2D and 3D artists, university professors, ui/ux specialists, information designers, and programmers have all come together to create accessible educational tools of exceptional quality.


Meet everyone

That's the crew that makes happen!

  • Uldis Zariņš

    Uldis Zariņš

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Reinis Jansons

    Reinis Jansons

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Ralfs Jānis Gailītis

    Ralfs Jānis Gailītis

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jānis Lindermanis

    Jānis Lindermanis

    Business Development manager

  • Lelde Stukle-Ojasalu Currently taking
    a picture

    Lelde Stukle-Ojasalu

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Agnis Vēgners

    Agnis Vēgners

    Senior Programmer

  • Jēkabs Jaunarājs

    Jēkabs Jaunarājs

    Senior 3D Artist

  • Līga Zariņa

    Līga Zariņa

    Operations Manager

  • Sergejs Lobanov

    Sergejs Lobanov

    Medical Content Creator

  • Anna Riekstiņa

    Anna Riekstiņa

    Medical Content Writer

  • Artis Oltre

    Artis Oltre

    Content Writer

  • Lisa Donze Currently taking
    a picture

    Lisa Donze

    USA Logistics Manager

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