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Navicular bone

The navicular bone (Latin: os naviculare) is a boat-shaped bone located on the medial side of the foot anterior to the talus. It articulates with five bones within the foot. Proximally it articulates with the talus, distally with three cuneiform bones and laterally with the cuboid bone.

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The posterior aspect of the navicular bone is concave, and it contains an articular surface that articulates with the head of the talus. The anterior aspect of the navicular bone is convex and has three articular surfaces for articulation with all three cuneiform bones. The medial surface of the bone contains a bony prominence called navicular tuberosity.

One muscle is attached to the navicular bone, and it is the tibialis posterior muscle. Besides the muscle, several ligaments attach to the bone, including the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament, plantar and dorsal cuboideonavicular ligaments and the dorsal talonavicular ligament. Sometimes the foot has an accessory navicular bone.