Superior oblique

The superior oblique (also obliquus superior, superior oblique muscle, superior oblique extraocular muscle, latin: musculus obliquus superior) is one of the six extra-ocular muscles that are in control of eye movements. The actions of the superior oblique result in turning the visual gaze down and out.


The superior oblique originates from the greater wing of the sphenoid bone deep in the medial side of the orbit, above the medial margin of the optic canal.


The superior oblique inserts into the posterior, superior, and lateral surface of the eyeball.


The actions provided by the superior oblique are intorison (internal rotation), depression, and abduction of the eyeball. Thus, the actions of the superior oblique turn the eye down and outwards with medial rotation.


The superior oblique is innervated by the trochlear nerve (CN IV).

Blood supply

The superior oblique receives blood supply from the ophthalmic artery.