Extensor digitorum longus

The extensor digitorum longus (also extensor digitorum longus muscle, latin: musculus extensor digitorum longus) is a long, thin muscle located in the anterior region of the thigh, just behind the tibialis anterior.


The extensor digitorum longus originates from the lateral condyle of the tibia and from the anterior surface of the head of the fibula, and also from the upper part of the interosseous membrane of the leg.


The extensor digitorum longus passes downwards below the superior extensor retinaculum and the inferior extensor retinaculum of the foot and divides into four slips that insert at the distal phalanges of the second to fifth digits of the foot.


The function of the extensor digitorum longus is to extend the foot and the toes.


The extensor digitorum longus is innervated by the deep peroneal nerve, a branch of the common peroneal nerve.