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Posterior tibial artery

The posterior tibial artery (Latin: arteria tibialis posterior) is a continuation of the popliteal artery as one of its terminal branches. It supplies arterial blood to the posterior part of the lower leg and to the plantar surface of the foot. The posterior tibial artery passes through the cruropopliteal canal, a passage between muscles that leads from the popliteal fossa into the lower leg.

After passing through the cruropopliteal canal, the artery passes behind the medial malleolus and below the flexor retinaculum (a band of fibrous tissue that stretches between the medial malleolus and calcaneus). On the plantar surface of the foot, the posterior tibial artery divides into its terminal branches - lateral plantar artery and medial plantar artery. The posterior tibial artery also gives off several side branches, including: