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Posterior tibial vein

The posterior tibial vein (Latin: vena tibialis posterior) is a deep vein of the lower leg formed by the accompanying veins of the lateral and medial plantar arteries. There are two posterior tibial veins. They collect venous blood from the posterior compartment of the leg and from the plantar surface of the foot.

The posterior tibial veins arise on the plantar surface of the foot and ascend to the flexor retinaculum. Further, the veins pass through the cruropopliteal canal. Along their course, the two veins accompany the posterior tibial artery. The main tributaries of the posterior tibial vein are the medial and lateral plantar veins, the fibular veins, and superficial veins of the lower leg. At the distal border of the popliteus muscle, the posterior tibial veins unite with the anterior tibial veins to form the popliteal vein.