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The geniohyoid (Latin: musculus geniohyoideus) is a paired short and slender neck muscle located above the hyoid bone. Therefore, the geniohyoid is classified as the suprahyoid muscle. It stretches between the mandible and hyoid bone. Together with the mylohyoid muscle, the geniohyoid forms the floor of the mouth.

OriginMental spine of mandible
InsertionBody of hyoid bone
ActionElevates hyoid bone and draws it forward, depresses mandible, widens pharynx
InnervationAnterior ramus of spinal nerve C1 (via hypoglossal nerve (CN XII))
Blood supply Sublingual artery



The geniohyoid muscle originates from the inferior mental spine (genial tubercle) of the mandible.


The geniohyoid inserts on the superior border of the body of the hyoid bone.


The geniohyoid muscle depresses the mandible, elevates the hyoid bone and draws it forward. Also, it widens the pharynx.


The geniohyoid is innervated by the anterior ramus of the spinal nerve C1 via the hypoglossal nerve (CN XII).

Blood supply

The geniohyoid muscle receives arterial blood supply from the sublingual artery, which is a branch of the lingual artery.