Perforating arteries

The perforating arteries (latin: arteriae perforantes) are usually three in number and arise from the deep femoral artery. The perforating arteries are so called because they perforate the adductor muscles to reach the back of the thigh.

The first perforating artery (arteria perforans prima) runs between the pectineus and upper margin of the adductor longus.

The second perforating artery (arteria perforans secunda) runs along the upper margin of the adductor brevis.

The third perforating artery (arteria perforans tertia) is the terminal branch of the deep femoral artery. It passes below the adductor brevis and pierces the adductor magnus.

All perforating arteries together provide blood supply to the posterior muscle group of the thigh and partly to the medial muscle group of the thigh.