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Anterior jugular vein

The anterior jugular vein (Latin: vena jugularis anterior) is a blood vessel formed by the confluence of the superficial submandibular veins. It collects venous blood from the anterior aspect of the neck.

The anterior jugular vein arises near the hyoid bone, passes downwards along the midline of the neck. Further, near the attachment of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the anterior jugular vein penetrates the cervical fascia and drains into the subclavian vein. Occasionally, it flows into the external jugular vein instead.

On its course, the anterior jugular vein receives several tributaries, including the laryngeal veins, and a small thyroid vein (sometimes). Frequently, at the level of the suprasternal notch, the left and right anterior jugular veins are connected by a jugular venous arch.