news in December gets updated with new 3D models, quizzes, articles, and blogs each month. December is no exception! In this blog, we've summed up our team's wins over the past month.


Everything in one place

As you might already know, we're the creators of both,, the all-in-one anatomy learning platform, and, the free online anatomy encyclopedia. In December, we successfully joined these sites together, and now all the materials you need to study anatomy are available to you on a single platform!


3D models update

Our digital library of interactive 3D models is always growing. This month we have developed a separate article for the human brain and enhanced it with some fantastic renderings of the brain. Check out the 3D article on the brain!


Added quiz section

An entire new quiz section for Dental Anatomy has appeared on the quizzes page! You'll be able to challenge yourself with four difficulty levels on these eight topics: Teeth, Jaws, Dental notation systems, Deciduous teeth, Canines, Incisors, Molars, and Premolars.

Additionally, we've made quizzes on the brain to match the latest article. They're available in the Head and Neck section on the quizzes page. Try these out for yourself on the quiz section!


New medical descriptions

Our medical writers' team works attentively to make anatomy easy to understand. We've extended the Head and Neck category on with a fantastic 3D article on the brain. Explore the brain article here!

Likewise, we've updated our free online anatomy encyclopedia, with separate articles about the two parts of the skull - the Neurocranium and Viscerocranium. Both of these can be found in the skull article of the encyclopedia!


Fresh 2D images

We've enhanced several encyclopedia articles with 2D visualizations. These include the Skull, Head muscles, and Neck muscles, along with all their related articles. Look these up in the encyclopedia!


Blog article on G-spot

This month we decided to examine the complicated scientific debate around the female G-spot that dates back as far as the 17th century. We've also enriched the blog article with our rendering of the external female reproductive organs and the vagina with the approximate location of the G-spot marked. Read the blog article here!

Thanks for reading through our monthly update! We'll see you with fresh updates next month and keep the content coming!