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The most efficient way of learning anatomy is with Anatomy.app

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Our encyclopedia has had over 1,200,000 users

Based on their experience and reviews, we created anatomy.app – a full body anatomy learning platform. Used by medical students and experts.

  • James Lovelace
    James Lovelace

    University of Washington

    Anatomy.app is excellent for the Pre-Doc curriculum. This primary learning tool allows students to visually identify anatomical structure names, locations, and functions.

    This format bests PowerPoints, books, cadaver labs, and videos. It provides the big picture and allows students to reach more detail on their own time with a few swipes.
  • Alex Forcht-Dagi
    Alex Forcht-Dagi

    Med. Student, USA

    Anatomy.app helped me to clarify and consolidate the relationship between form and function when learning anatomy. The models are well rendered.

    The app organizes models to encourage synthesis at a deeper level. The method is effective for the musculature, venous system, nervous system, and organs.
  • Andrea Pobocik
    Andrea Pobocik

    DDS, MS, PhD

    During the pandemic, traditional in-person learning was not possible, and our students heavily relied on the app for their education.

    The platform is user-friendly, easy to operate and includes 3D images that rotate, show annotations and a color code of the anatomical landmarks. Our experience was awesome and will certainly be repeated.
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Information designed for medical students to better understand human anatomy

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    Understand each anatomical category in manageable bits

  • Color-coding

    Matching 3D models, illustrations, and text

  • Annotations

    Every bit of the human body fully annotated

  • Unlimited navigation

    Use interactive models to explore anatomy from any angle

Working with universities

Co-creating with these universities gets us the real-life experience and feedback we need to make the best anatomy learning tools.

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Unlock everything!

The most efficient way of learning anatomy is with Anatomy.app

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