Muscles of hip region (part 2)

The hip region muscles include the following:

  • Anterior group (flexors)
    • Iliopsoas (Iliacus and psoas major)
    • Psoas minor
  • Posterior group (extensors)
    • Gluteus maximus
    • Gluteus medius
    • Gluteus minimus
    • Tensor fasciae latae
    • Piriformis
    • Obturator internus
    • Obturator externus
    • Superior gemellus
    • Inferior gemellus
    • Quadratus femoris


Tensor fasciae latae

The tensor fasciae latae is a thin muscle situated in the gluteal region and the lateral surface of the thigh. 


Origin: anterior superior iliac spine, anterior aspect of the iliac crest.

Insertion: the tensor fasciae latae continues as the iliotibial tract, which inserts into the lateral condyle of the tibia

Action: internal rotation and abduction of the thigh, flexion and external rotation of the leg, stabilizing the hip and knee joints.

Innervation: superior gluteal nerve (L4 - S1).

Blood supply: superior gluteal artery, lateral circumflex femoral artery.