Nuchal ligament

The nuchal ligament is a unique arrangement of tendons and fascia lying between the posterior neck muscles. It is located in the median sagittal plane. 

This ligament has a triangular sheet-like form, and it extends between the external occipital protuberance superiorly and the tip of the vertebral spinous process of C7 (vertebra prominens) inferiorly. The third margin is free. Therefore, it goes down the spinous processes of C1 to C7 vertebrae.

Inferiorly, it continues as the supraspinous ligament.

The nuchal ligament participates in supporting the head. It resists flexion, limits hyperflexion and promotes returning the head back to the anatomical position.

Also, adjacent muscles such as rhomboids, splenius capitis and trapezius attach to the broad lateral surfaces and the posterior edge of the ligament.