Maxillary incisors

The maxillary incisors are the first four front teeth that are located in the middle of the upper jaw. Usually, the maxillary incisors erupt between 6 and 8 years. 

As mentioned in the previous slide, the main functions of the incisors, including the maxillary incisors, are cutting, plucking and biting the food during chewing, as well as this teeth type help to hold the food in the oral cavity. Like other teeth, the maxillary incisors also take part in articulation and speech formation. Besides all the mentioned functions, these teeth give a visual and personal appearance to a person, and they help to shape the face and support face tissue.

Depending on the location relative to the midline of the upper jaw, the maxillary incisors are subdivided into the medial or central and lateral incisors.

The maxillary central incisors have the following numbers according to each dental notation system:

The numbers of the maxillary lateral incisors are as follows:

  • 7 and 10 (Universal Tooth Numbering System)
  • 12 and 22 (ISO-3950 system)
  • 2and2 (Palmer system)