Types of teeth

The teeth of an adult can be classified into several types according to their functions, position in the oral cavity, number of roots they have, and the shape of their crowns. The oral cavity has four teeth types

As mentioned before, adults have 32 permanent teeth. The upper teeth are known as the maxillary teeth, and they are 16 in total. The rest 16 are the mandibular teeth located in the lower jaw. The upper and lower teeth of the same type are similar, but they are still not identical. 

Each jaw in the midline can be theoretically divided into two quadrants. Therefore, the oral cavity has four quadrants. According to this, every quadrant contains eight permanent teeth, including:

  • Medial (central) incisor (1)
  • Lateral incisor (1)
  • Canine tooth (1)
  • Premolar teeth (2)
  • Molar teeth (3)


Note: The 3D model lacks third molars.