Visual guide to the anatomy of the skull - book cover -

Visual Guide to the Anatomy of the Skull

A concise guide to the human skull. With 3D models based on CT scans – color-coded and annotated.
Anatomy of facial expression - book cover -

Anatomy of Facial Expressions

This book redefines the standards for visualizations of facial expression and explores its anatomy and physiology.

Created by a multidisciplinary team

Medical content often lacks visual quality, which means that illustrations in most materials don't resemble real-life human anatomy. We bring anatomical content to life! To achieve The biggest problem with medical content is its lack of artistic quality. The anatomy has to be recognizable in real life. Our team consists of high-level professional medical experts, anatomy experts, 3D artists, and graphic designers to reach that level!

Reviews by medical experts

  • I do microcurrent facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncture. Muscle knowledge is super important. Anatomy of Facial Expression does what I need. Various color illustrations include the entire range of facial expressions on ethnically diverse people ranging from young to old. The color coded muscle picture matches the muscle name makes it easy to learn and remember. Overall, a beautiful book!
    Maggie Hansen
  • I use Anatomy of Facial Expression to help me with sculpting, and my husband uses it to help him visualize anatomy for his medical profession. It is great for both our purposes!
    Yvonne Garcia
  • Visual Guide to the Anatomy of the Skull is the most useful book for anyone who is interested in the subject! The images and the visual layout make it so easy to perceive a 3D image of the bones! I highly recommend this book for all first and second year med school students!
    Yrjö Lähteenlahti
  • Amazing detail! The Anatomy Next output never disappoints. The renders in Visual Guide to the Anatomy of the Skull are lavishly detailed and with the benefit of 3D sculpts we can peer into all those hard to reach places. I always recommend their website and publications to my students and look forward to more from them in the future.
    Mr. C. Mooney