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Anatomy of Facial Expression

This book redefines the standards of visualizations for facial aesthetic anatomy.
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  • Detailed facial anatomy used as a reference by top aesthetic medicine practitioners
  • Superficial and deep soft tissue compartments of the upper-face, mid-face, and lower-face
  • Connective tissue of the face, including the ligaments of the face and the Superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS)
  • Physiology of facial expressions and facial aging

Detailed anatomy references for aesthetic medicine practitioners

Strong anatomical knowledge is the foundation for every practitioner in facial aesthetic medicine, such as plastic surgeons, facial injectors, and even professionals in cosmetology. Anatomy of Facial Expression is used as a handbook by the top experts in these fields for their everyday work.

Facial biomechanics and aging

Professionals performing face-lifts and injecting botox and fillers require a deep understanding of facial biomechanics and how aging affects soft tissue. Anatomy of Facial Expression explains and illustrates both.

Facial soft tissue and its anatomy

Knowledge about the soft tissue of the face is important to understand facial expressions. It is essential for aesthetic surgeons and doctors working with facial fillers.