Anatomy of facial expression - book cover -

Anatomy of Facial Expressions

This book redefines the standards for visualizations of facial expression and explores its anatomy and physiology.
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  • Facial muscles and the surrounding structures
  • The physiology behind facial expressions
  • Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
  • Soft tissue of the face and its anatomy

All the muscles of facial expression – in detailed anatomical illustrations

Learn about the facial muscles and explore their relationships with the surrounding structures. Anatomically correct, aesthetically beautiful, and color-coded for ease of use.

Understand the physiology behind facial expressions

Each facial expression is a combination of facial muscle contractions and the resulting effect on the surrounding soft tissue that shapes the form of the face.


The Facial Action Coding System breaks down all facial expressions into individual components of muscle movement, called Action Units.

Anatomy of Facial Expression provides an accurate visual overview of this system. Even aesthetic surgeons, cognitive neuroscientists, and dermatologists use it for reference. As well as medical students!

Facial soft tissue and its anatomy

Knowledge about the soft tissue of the face is important to understand facial expressions. It is essential for aesthetic surgeons and doctors working with facial fillers.

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Specialists in aesthetic medicine and other medical fields consult Anatomy of Facial Expressions regularly in their practice.