Bony attachments of primary muscles of mastication

The primary muscles of mastication are located around the temporomandibular joints, filling various skull regions. It is crucial to know the anatomical locations of these muscles to understand how they act and which function each muscle provides. And it is even more important to fully understand the sites where these muscles are attached to bony structures. 


Temporal fossa

The temporal fossa is a depressed area located on either side of the skull in the temporal region. It is found superior to the zygomatic arch and the infratemporal fossa and inferior to the superior temporal line of the parietal bone. The bones and structures forming the walls of the temporal fossa are as follows:


Infratemporal fossa

The infratemporal fossa is an irregularly shaped space situated at the base of the skull below the temporal fossa and deep to the ramus of the mandible. The walls of the infratemporal fossa are formed by the following bones and soft tissue: